About Us

Our Mission

RAMSTRENGTHâ„¢ supports local cancer survivors by providing financial assistance for basic needs, scholarships, programs and services.

Basic Needs

  • mortgage and rent payments
  • car payments and unforeseen auto repairs
  • monthly bills for utilities and groceries
  • transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments
  • medical insurance premiums
  • prescription or lab co-pays

Programs and Services

  • sponsor children surviving cancer to attend summer camps
  • cancer survivor support groups and programs


  • scholarships and financial assistance to CSU students surviving cancer

The Lubick Family

RamStrength, the Lubick Foundation’s non-profit initiative, continues to grow and evolve. Headed by Executive Director, Michelle Lubick Boyle, the team is thriving, and continues to grow as an established 501(c)3. Taking the fight against cancer to the next level, they are enabling increasing support for local cancer survivors in need by providing direct financial assistance for basic needs, scholarships, programs and services. When cancer struck the Lubick family, they fought back. Born out of Michelle’s desire to help and support her brother, Marc, when he was battling a rare form of cancer, she and Tasha Marchant founded RamStrength in 2008 with incredible community support. Since then, the momentum has continued to grow, sparking successful events and fundraisers, increased volunteer support, and raising over $2 Million since its inception!

RamStrength is managed by the Lubick Foundation, with members of the Lubick family supporting the everyday efforts of the organization.