Here are some letters and comments from cancer patients, survivors and their families
that RamStrength™ was able to assist during their battle with cancer.

Michelle, Becky and Terri

Although I have not had direct interaction with the RamStrength Foundation (by respect of my older teenager asserting independence), my son, Andrew Baran, has benefited greatly from the Ramstrength Foundation.Andrew has played in the Annual Golf Tournament and was honored at the luncheon. To say he was thrilled is an understatement. As an older teenager, he tried to downplay his excitement, but he couldn’t. He had a great time on the golf course, interacting with the other players, and being acknowledged at the luncheon.Andrew has been both a camper and a counselor-in-training at Sky High Hope Camp, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings. In summer 2009, he was not able to attend camp because he had a bone marrow transplant. Because of this, later in the summer, Sonny and Marc Lubick took Andrew out on the golf course. (I believe Andrew outplayed Sonny but we won’t tell anyone.) Andrew had a great time with the Lubicks and they have taken a genuine interest in him. In summer 2010, the Lubick family spent time with Andrew at Sky High Hope camp.I appreciate the genuine interest that the people associated with the Ramstrength Foundation have taken in Andrew and the role models they have been for him. I have said to Andrew that cancer does not define him—that he defines who he is by his words, his actions, his strength of character, and his values. His experiences with the Ramstrength Foundation have given him an opportunity to show this to others.Regards,

Barb Ruddy